iCR8 Bootcamp

Approaching its 9th year, iCR8, the Marcus Graham Project’s, premier experiential learning methodology is specifically designed to provide diverse aspirants in the field of advertising, PR & marketing with the exposure and experience necessary to solidify careers within the industry. Read More

Sound Bite

The purpose of the program is to connect high school, college students and graduates with working professionals in the industry in an in depth “lunch & learn” style forum. Guest lecturers, will address the audience on core values & trends that undergird the level of leadership that MGP seeks to develop. Additionally, The Sound Bite serves as a speakers’ bureau for MGP members who have a passion for connecting to audiences around key topics. Read More

The Drum

The Drum refers to the beat of the industry and the beat makers that are pounding away. This online program is the voice of the new “Mad Men.” The name “The Drum” specifically comes from the Robert Downey Sr. film Putney Swope, which referred to the Drum as their method of fast communication. In the past drums have been used not only for their musical qualities, but also as a means of communication, especially through signals. The talking drums of Africa can imitate the inflections and pitch variations of a spoken language and are used for communicating over great distances. The talking drums of Africa can imitate the inflections and pitch variations of a spoken language and are used for communicating over great distances. Read More

The Go Fund

The purpose of the GO fund is to provide financial resource to applicants interested in attending traveling to the often cost prohibitive industry conferences, training seminars, networking functions and educational courses.  These events and activities are tremendous ways of increasing industry knowledge & contacts, keeping our members consistently in touch with top industry influencers, as well as other up & coming leaders. Read More

The Sharp Award

The Sharp Award is named after Advertising Legend and industry diversity pioneer, William “Bill” Sharp. His Basic Ad Course and lasting devotion to helping young African American students find careers in the advertising industry was the inspiration for the creation of The Marcus Graham Project. Founded by Lincoln Stephens, The Marcus Graham Project (MGP) is a national, non-profit association dedicated to providing resources for today’s diverse youth that will strategically develop a viable pool of talent and leadership within the industry. Bill Sharp was a board member.

The Bill Sharp Award, sponsored by J. Walter Thompson North America, J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, the 4A’s, and the Sharp Family, recognizes excellence in marketing, advertising and media by awarding $3,500 to one (1) future leader, who is an alumni from MAIP, the 4A’s Foundation, and/or MGP. Learn More