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Last year at this time I was going business to business selling shirts, pants and toilet paper. The job wasn’t pretty but the checks were amazing. Then I woke up and realized that while I was encouraging my team and peers to chase their dreams, I wasn’t. From that point I decided I would make it into the marketing/advertising industry and left my job in outside sales. The next months that followed were stressful and humbling. As a college grad I was interning for free and delivering pizzas across the Gold Coast in Chicago. A college grad delivering pizzas, working 10am-4am and completely miserable. Then I received the call of a lifetime. I was to intern at an agency in Chicago in the industry that I was fighting to make it in. After 3 months I decided to leave that paid internship for the opportunity to participate in @MGProject. One of the best decisions of my life. I still remember touching down in May and telling @lincolnsteffens and @yarrellinhd that I would be the first person in the program to apply and receive an offer before the program was over. With a couple weeks to go I was in talks with several agencies in NY, TX and Chicago. Now I’m proud to say that as of last Wednesday I accepted an offer to join @fcbglobal #ChicagoBranch starting in September. Not only that but they created a Jr. level and not entry level position. All this to say whatever your goal is, stick to it. Get up everyday and get after it. #CarpeDiem! To all my mentees – be prepared for me to push you harder than ever. #Chicago… I’m coming home.