Cynthia Nevels

Cynthia Nevels

Senior Partner

Cynthia Nevels is the president of and is the host of C-CASTS and C-RADIO Talk Radio show. She is a certified financial educator, certified small business management counselor, Quickbooks Pro Advisor, and certified NFTE entrepreneurship trainer. Cynthia was the highest producing Business Management Counselor for the United States Small Business Administration’s Dallas Small Business Development Center in Dallas, Texas. In 2007, Cynthia was awarded the Innovative Teacher of the Month award by Visa’s Practical Money Skills. Cynthia earned her B.A. in Psychology and is a certified Professional Human Resource Manager. She is an adjunct professor in business management, accounting, and accounting technology.

Nevels is author of her upcoming new book entitled FINANCIAL BAILOUT, e-Recruiting Techniques and Strategies, co-author of Fundamental Personal Finance Train-the-Teacher Training Guide and creator of Personal Finance Flash Cards.

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